maio 2, 2018

Our History

We are specialists in fruit and vegetables management solution, acting also with distribution for retail, wholesale sales and food service.
From farm to fork, we accompany, select, hygienize and distribute the products, looking to offer to the consumer a healthy food with high quality and lightness.


Our mission is to empower and happiness our employees, making fruit and vegetable management an effective solution for our clients and desired by the market.


Grow at least twice with sustainability, embracing opportunities in the segments of retail, wholesale, distribution and food service.


Commitment to quality, credibility, ethics, focus on results, innovation, planning and organization, sustainability and appreciation of people.

Extrafruti - Sanitation

Cleaning our boxes and food to ensure hygiene, besides maintaining quality and giving more beauty to the products

Extrafruti - Plastic Boxes

Use of plastic boxes, because they have greater durability and protection in relation to wooden boxes; Careful quality control: Before going to the point of sale, our products are opened, hand-selected and repackaged, then distributed;

Extrafruti - Refrigeration chambers

Structure of refrigeration chambers for reception and storage, ensuring better preservation and freshness of food;

Where we are

You can find our products in Carone and Extrabom supermarkets, in the Subway network of Grande Vitória and in our Extrafruti Wholesale unit, in CEASA/ES.

We are located in Viana/ES, with our Distribution and Administration Center Extrafruti, and in Alto São Sebastião - Santa Maria de Jetibá/ES, with the Distribution Center for vegetables, where we buy fresh products, picked and delivered within 24 hours in stores. We also have a Wholesale Extrafruti unit at CEASA / ES and a store inside the Company of Warehouses and Warehouses General of São Paulo (Ceagesp).

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